Close to My Heart

I praise God for the gifts of compassion, empathy, patience and perseverance that have allowed me to become who I am today. I have walked through many tragic situations with family and friends which He has used to touch my heart. These life experiences have allowed me to see beyond the surface and to offer comfort to others facing uncertainty and such trials as losing someone they love. I have longed to find a place to use my gift of photography in a place to "give something back". After months of prayer and research, God has led me to create a ministry called "Fingerprints of Grace". I am offering my hands to be used by God to show the love of Jesus to those who are leave His fingerprints in the midst of uncertainty. The lyrics to this song written by Christian artist, Jeremy Camp, have been an anthem to me and have inspired me to reach out in love where I feel I am called to serve.

Touching lives for Him

This ministry was created to offer a personal and senstive photo session for families experiencing a significant trial, whether it be early infant loss or a parent or child facing a life-threatening condition. It is my desire to be used by God to offer comfort to those who are hurting. At your request, I will come to your home or hospital location. I want the experience to be as special as the photographs you will receive. I pray that it will be a time that you spend with that someone who is precious to you, documenting the true essence of who they are. I want to capture the joy and laughter, as well as the intimate moments looking intently into each others eyes. I want the images to tell your story and capture your true expressions and the unspoken words of how much each moment together is cherished. It is my hope that the photographs, in some way, will help you walk through your trial. Although time together may be limited, I want to create memories for you to hold onto for a lifetime.